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Solution Focused Living is a project designed to help you realise your inner-self and actualise your goals and dreams by clearing away the foreground of your mind, leaving space for your authentic self to emerge.

Developed by Graham Buchanan and Dr Steve Smith, Solution Focused Living blends the therapeutic stance of solution focused therapy with the stillness of zen meditation and the philosophy of Martin Heiddeger and Carl Rogers to gently challenge the oppression of modern life.

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Martin Heiddeger noted that most of us are thrown into life; we don't choose where or when we are born, we don't choose our family and we don't choose the rules we are expected to keep to. So while we are striving after success and to "be all we can be", to achieve the thing Carl Rogers called Self Actualisation, we very often fail to realise that the game is stacked against us right from the off! We are subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) told "what one does" in a given situation; society tells us how to behave, what to achieve and how to live our lives. We spend so much of our time pushing the envelope of success that we don't ever realise that the real challenge, the ultimate final frontier is inside us. "Who is my authentic self?" We can't force the answer to that question because that kind of thinking uses the same throwness as everything else in life; we have to allow our authentic self to emerge slowly, through a process of sitting in minute-by-minute meditation and asking ourselves "what will it look like?" when that inner-self emerges, giving it space to happen, and discovering our authentic self hiding in the midst of our everyday life.

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Living in harmony with the world around you, actualising your authentic self and manifesting the inner goals you never knew you had.