Solution Focused Recovery Conversations Training: 1 and 2 Day Courses

In recent years delivering interventions in mental health and social care services that are not only evidence based but also recovery orientated has become the main focus of policy and legislation, and yet many clinicians and services struggle to find practical ways to implement it in daily contact with clients. Many practitioners have become disillusioned with tick box exercises, rather wanting to really make a difference. As recovery requires us to help our clients to be able to live a good life regardless of symptoms or diagnosis and without stigma, then we need a way to build this into every conversation and interaction that we have with them. Solution Focused Recovery based conversations are a simple and straightforward way to learn the methods and skills to achieve this.


Developed and delivered in real NHS mental health services, the Solution Focused Recovery Conversations Training has proved to be effective, practical and to make sense to workers and their clients alike. Course participants say:


“Solution focused recovery will be put into practice daily at my own ward to help patients focus on solutions instead of problems”

“I can utilise this in practice on a daily basis when interacting with patients”

“I would use this approach as it would feel to the patient like more empowerment and for them to think for themselves”

“Solution Focused Recovery will make a positive experience and useful change in culture within ward environment”

“This is a positive move forward with culture change, and it’s easy to understand”

“I will use this because it makes sense!”



Course Facilitators:


The course developers and facilitators, Dr Steve Smith and Graham Buchanan are two of the leading Solution Focused practitioners in Scotland, with over 70 years combined experience as mental health nurses, therapists and educators.



Course content:


  • The underpinning principles of recovery.

  • The historical development of Solution Focused Interactions and their application to recovery.

  • The nocebo effect and how to minimise it.

  • The difference between a recovery based interaction and a problem solving conversation.

  • The structure of a solution focused recovery conversation and interactions.

  • Practical demonstrations of enacted recovery conversations.

  • Practice of the structure and language of solution focused recovery interactions.



Learning Outcomes: At the end of the training participants will be able to:


  • Discuss the theoretical development of solution focused recovery conversations and evaluate the impact of it in personal work setting and interaction with clients.

  • Discuss implementing the principles of a solution focused recovery service culture.

  • Analyse the key factors contributing to a solution focused recovery conversation.

  • Evaluate the use of solution focused recovery conversations in your own practice.

  • Discuss the major differences between recovery solution finding and problem solving.

  • Apply the principles of solution focused recovery conversations in an appropriate and therapeutic manner within a simulated client conversational setting.



One and Two Day Training Courses.


Our one-day training course will introduce your staff to the principles and practice of Solution Focused Recovery Conversations. Our two-day training course will incorporate a significant skills-based training element where course participants can practice the skills of Solution Focused Recovery Conversations in a safe and supervised setting. Longer courses are also available.


In-Service Training Settings and How to Book a Course:


We can provide a bespoke in-service training tailored to your service and client group. We will train up to 16 participants in 1 or 2 day courses at a time to suite your service and at your preferred base, which reduces service disruption, travel and accommodation costs. We have found this method to result in the most sustainable impact because co-workers are trained together and can support each other in implementing the conversational techniques and culture change.


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