Steve and Graham offer a bespoke coaching programme

for individuals, groups and teams to help them overcome

challenges and problems and achieve their goals.

Team Coaching                                    


We will arrange to meet your team at your workplace or a

venue of your choice. We can be flexible about times and

can offer evening sessions.


Team coaching can be useful for:


  • Improving team cohesion

  • Identifying short and long term goals

  • Focusing on primary tasks

  • Resolving conflict and unproductive competition

  • Improving inter-team communication

  • Clarifying team members roles

  • Increasing team performance and productivity

  • Building trust and empathy between team members

  • Determining stakeholders, customers and competitors  

  • Increasing team morale and work fulfilment

  • Exploring team mission and purpose

  • Solving problems

  • Dispelling myths

  • Reducing unproductive behaviour

  • Analysing and improving systems

  • Noticing and consolidating strengths

  • Agreeing on ethical standards

  • Achieving work-life balance​

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