Bespoke Mindfulness Classes

We can provide bespoke mindfulness training to almost any group of up to 20 people whether formal or simply leisure. We can offer a range of options from two-hour tasters to full-day introduction workshops and up to four-day in-depth training courses. No previous experience is required and only a quiet room that can comfortably accommodate the participants is needed.  

Some examples of who might be interested in learning mindfulness in a group:

  • community group 

  • social club or group

  • workplace team

  • sports team/club

  • hobby club/group 

  • voluntary organisation 

  • management team 

  • committee

  • Patient or client groups

About the classes

During the classes participants will be introduced to what mindfulness is, some of its benefits and how to bring the attitudes and practices of mindfulness into their daily life. They will be taught mindfulness meditation techniques and have the opportunity to engage in question and answer sessions about mindfulness with the facilitators. The longer courses allow for more detailed explanation and will go into the techniques and practices in more depth, allowing more time for practising meditation. Why do people find meditation so difficult?

Some of the benefits from mindfulness meditation and a mindful attitude   

  • Reduction in stress and feeling less pressure

  • Increased attention and better concentration

  • Reduction in pointless worrying

  • Improvements in mood and feeling more positive

  • Reduced anxiety and feeling calmer

  • Less beating yourself up

  • Coping better with physical pain and discomfort

  • Feeling more contented and more satisfaction with life

  • Less reactive and more strategic

  • Sleeping better and relaxing more

  • Noticing the simple pleasures

  • Being more aware of the present moment

  • Enjoying food more

  • Better relationships

  • Feeling more in control

Course Facilitators:

The course developers and facilitators, Dr Steve Smith and Graham Buchanan are both highly experienced mindfulness trainers with over 70 years combined experience as mental health professionals, therapists and educators. About Steve and Graham

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