Steve and Graham offer a bespoke coaching programme

for individuals, groups and teams to help them overcome

challenges and problems and achieve their goals.

Personal Coaching                                    


We will arrange to meet you in your own surroundings or

a setting comfortable to you. This can be your home, work

or any place you feel comfortable to meet. We can be

flexible about times and can offer evening sessions.


Individual coaching can be useful for:

  • Managing your stress better

  • Overcoming self-doubt and anxiety

  • Identifying your personal goals

  • Prioritising what is important to you

  • Focusing your energy and resources

  • Improving your work and personal relationship

  • Building your confidence and self esteem

  • Learning to relax and feel calmer

  • Managing your time better

  • Getting a better work-life balance

  • Being more assertive

  • Increasing your personal vitality and motivation

  • Developing a more meaningful life

  • Deciding what is important to you

  • Developing your career and making career choices

  • Helping to make important decisions

  • Leading a more fulfilling life

Stones of Meaning
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Living in harmony with the world around you, actualising your authentic self and manifesting the inner goals you never knew you had.